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Tapping Attachments

Tapmatic Attachments

Tapmatic Attachments :- The best way to tap on any machine, any application.


GAMOR :- World leader in speed, power, accuracy and capacity of Hydraulic & Air tapping machines

GOTAP Electrical Tapping Maschines by Go-tapping, S.L.

GOTAP :- With more than 25 years extensive experience in the field of Electric tapping machines, with a focus on tapping issues, and assured after-sales service.

Taps & Dies

Reime Noris

Noris REIME :- Taps & Dies, our precission is your success.

Precision Tools


Lokenath Chatterjee & Sons :- Your Decision in Precision.

Machine Automation

OMG Teste Multiple

O M G :- Since its establishment in the 1960s, OMG line of angle heads, spindle speeders and multispindle heads is known for it's high quality products.

Grippex :- Automatic Bar Puller for CNC lathes.

Maxion Jänsch & Ortlepp GmbH

Maxion :- For drilling machines, tapping machines and special solutions as well as contract manufacturing and deep hole drilling.


Henninger :- Drive & Live Centres, we create precission.

Dunham Tool company

Dunham Tool's :- products have earned a global reputation for precision, reliability, accuracy and profitable performance, since 1958.

End Mills & Indexable Inserts

Evo Tools

EVO :- solid carbide end-mills and drills guarantees the most advanced solutions for the customer.

Deburring Equipment

ASSFALG - The Ace for Metal

ASSFALG :- is an international solution provider in the area of metal processing, magnetic clamping and hoisting systems. We draw our spirit of initiative and sense of purpose from our: Tradition, Experience, Innovation

Grattec Deburring Systmes

GRATTEC :- blades are manufactured from high quality European HSS steel to the highest standards on Swiss automatic machines.

Measuring Equipment


DIATEST :- offers precise working self-centering bore gauges, Split-ball probes, plunger probes, chamfer gauges, gear gauges and accessories. DIATEST gauges are manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Logo Hasberg-Schneider GmbH

Hasberg :- steel strip, shim metal foils, feeler gauge tape strips than can be used in many fields of application.


Tapmatic Cutting Fluids

Tapmatic Cutting Fluids :- Cutting Fluids & Coolants.

Master Fluid Solutions :- Machine Lubricants & Coolants.

Cedarberg Snap-loc Systems :- Coolant End Systems

N'Viro Gold All :- An environment friendly Cutting Fluid formulated for all applications, without harming the environment, contains no chlorinated solvents or harmful chemicals, consists of Vegetable Esters and selected Animal fats.