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Trust Lamson Oil  Company to be the source for your stamping lubricant needs. When you choose Lamson, you're getting an extensive array of quality products- including the finest oils, speciality oils, synthetic lubricants, vanishing oils and water soluble oils - along with the expertise to make the perfect selection for any job. You trust a lot to a lubricant. So why not trust the best ?

For Countless Applications

  • Straight Oils
  • Vanishing Oils
  • Specialty Products
  • Water Soluble Oils
  • Synthetic Lubricants


PresSpray Ejectors

The Heart of a PresSpary Lubrication System

The PresSpray I, an airless spray system dispenses a predetermined amount of lubricant in an instantaneous airless spray upon command. In an airless spray, the droplets are large and heavy and will not fog the work area.



The Next Generation of Die Lubrication

The basic design of the PresSpay II is simple but functional: it can be in operation in a matter of minutes. All of the major components are preinstalled at the factory. Install the air and the nozzles and you are ready to go. As soon as you start using the PresSpray II you will immediately start reaping the benefits of its unique design. 

For Countless Applications

  • Operates Automatically
  • Individual Nozzle Control
  • Airless Spray
  • Reduces Lubricant Consumption
  • Improves Quality and reduces rejects





A Precision Roller Coater for both Heavy and Light Metals

Coil or flat stock passes between Lubricating Rollers. Lubricant on the rollers is transferred to the stock . Spring pressure applies the right force to hold the rollers against the stock. The quick change feature allows the rolls to be removed for rapidly for cleaning, changing or general maintenance.

Designed for Flexibility :

  • Lubricates top and bottom or one side only!
  • Synchronized with the press feeder and Electronically controlled for precision lubricating!
  • Deposit an adjustable film thickness of your choice!
  • Works with heavy or light viscosity lubricants!
  • Can selectively lubricate edges or areas of the material!
  • Dispense an even coating on long or short feeds!
  • Quick change rollers for fast clean-ups or switch-overs!



The Perfect Accesory for the PresSpray


A totally enclosed spray cabinet where lubricant is applied to coil stock as it passes through on its way to the die. Brushes at the entrance and the exit contain the lubricant in the box and spread it evenly over the material as it exits the cabinet. Any excess lubricant is drained back to the tank to be reused again. Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel, built to last a lifetime. Easy to use. All assembly is done at the LSP factory thus saving the end user valuable installation time.



BlastMatic II

The ultimate selection for parts ejection


The BlastMatic II is a totally new concept in Electronic Parts Ejectors. By using the BlastMatic II Electronic controls you tab in the precise instant during the Press cycle when a blast of air stays on  to insure that the part is safely ejected from the die area. Costly, unscientific trail and error cam adjustments are a thing of the past.

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